The speculation about the direction Costa Mesa home loan interest rates will soon be taking finally pretty much disappeared last week, given the Fed’s declaration about their intentions. Would-be Costa Mesa home buyers would be hard-pressed to interpret Chairman Jerome Powell’s remarks as anything other than a central banker’s version of a railroad conductor’s “all aboard!”—at least for those intending to take advantage of bargain Costa Mesa home loan rates.

The Wall Street Journal minced no words: “Steadily rising interest rates beginning in mid-March” left little comfort for those whose natural inclination would be to wait on the sidelines until the regular springtime busy season has gotten underway in earnest.

For them, it was USA Today’s…

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Whenever another celebrity appears on Costa Mesa TV screens to offer their two cents' worth about the value of reverse mortgages, young people can be forgiven if they tune out the message. After all, reverse mortgages are only available to homeowners who are 62 years of age or older.

It's also highly probable that many of the Costa Mesa homeowners who meet the age eligibility requirement tune out, too. Experienced people tend to be suspicious of strangers whose message seems to rely on the "trust me" element. The TV actor-spokesperson may be a beloved personality, but it's important to remember he's reading a script composed by less-beloved advertising writers.

Reverse mortgages can, as promised, provide some valuable "peace of mind" for…

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Usually, paranoia is a mental disorder—a subject more suitable for psychiatrists than for Realtors®. But that depends on its being entirely divorced from reality. When the subject is your offer to buy one of Costa Mesa’s listed properties, it may well be that a slight touch of paranoia can be useful—at least when it comes to defining contingencies.

Back last October, had an excellent commentary about realism and contingencies. It listed five of them “you should never waive.” “Never” is a strong word—especially in a season when competing offers abound. But the reasons for including basic contingencies in your offer are anything but paranoid. These are Realtor’s Big Five:

First is the inspection contingency. Unless you are an…

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Costa Mesa homeowners will not be surprised to hear that the U.S. rate of inflation will impact some of their 2022 income tax calculations—the basic income tax tables among them. The Labor Department charted the rate at an annual 6.8% increase through November, although locally, the actual prices paid for many day-to-day purchases were definitely higher than that. Calculating Costa Mesa inflation as experienced here is inexact for a number of familiar reasons—but nobody who shops for groceries or drives more than a mile or two to work hasn’t noticed it.

On Friday, Laura Saunders, the Wall Street Journal’s tax expert, sounded her take on how inflation will affect 2022 federal income tax bills—and the details touching on Costa Mesa real estate…

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Leave it to the news media to uncover the latest threat to Costa Mesa house-hunters’ peace of mind. Last week, the guilty party was the Associated Press, whose contribution seemed timed to introduce a disquieting competitor into the already-crowded field of prospective home buyers.

Today’s Costa Mesa house-hunters had already been subjected to scare-mongering stories about recent buyers having to dig deeper into their pockets to land houses over the bids of hordes of competitors. Now comes the AP with word of a new sci-fi addition to the reputed multitude of overeager competitors: robots.

Robots who want to buy houses.

It might not have inspired a War of the Worlds panic, but CBS News’ headline was alarming:

Friend or Foe? Home-buying Bots…

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