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November 2022

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One Costa Mesa Thanksgiving is the appropriate number of turkey days. Two Thanksgivings would not only result in needless overexposure to your most irritating relative—it would also be a textbook example of inflation economics: twice as many feast days chasing too few turkeys.

Pointing this out wouldn’t normally be necessary were it not for what happened in 1939 and how close we came this year to the possibility of replaying what happened then. This year we have a November where the calendar shows five Wednesdays. That is too close for comfort to what happened in 1939, with its five Thursdays: The Year When There Were Two Thanksgivings!

During the darkest days of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln had revived George Washington’s idea for a national

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For Costa Mesa readers who happened across this month’s, the news revealed by its top headline would certainly have kept them reading. “We’re Getting Closer to a Martian Housing Market” is likely to have been a surprise to most local residents.

Even if they were currently active house hunters who had decided to expand their search beyond the Costa Mesa listings, the news that neighborhoods elsewhere in the Solar System were about to open up had probably escaped their notice. The notion of considering a starter home on the Red Planet wasn’t a widely discussed alternative, but if the curbed headline was legit, humanity is now nearing a milestone where first-time shelter-seekers might soon go extraterrestrial.

The explanatory details

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Few things are more frustrating than the plight of a would-be Costa Mesa home buyer who can easily afford to buy a listed Costa Mesa home—but not right this minute. The delay might be due to a temporary cash-flow crunch, a legacy windfall that will absolutely happen (but not until 26 months from now), or any one of a number of other common scenarios.

The frustrating part isn’t just the immediate disappointment of missing out on the delight of moving into a home that’s a perfect fit—but also realizing how the inability to buy that ideal property will wind up costing a serious amount of cash. The house will certainly be sold during the interim 26 months, so that particular opportunity will be lost for good. But equally galling is the impact on the

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Around this time every year, crazy weather conditions wreak havoc on various parts of the North American continent. Costa Mesa neighborhoods don’t have to be threatened directly to have local homeowner nerves on edge, either. Many of us can’t help but be affected by all the shaky iPhone videos of coastal destruction and the mayhem wrought by twisters that suddenly come roaring through communities, no matter how far distant.

So last Thursday, it was a nice change when’s cataclysmic headline brought news of a different kind of disaster. Even though the language shouted, “collapse!”—the effect was comforting. It was a welcome kind of fiasco. More directly, it looked as if Costa Mesa neighborhoods were going to feel the aftereffects of

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