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Historically, there are few words more synonymous with real estate than "location". It has always been at the forefront of what is considered top priority when investing in a property. The philosophy is that the better location it has, the more premium it will command.


Luxury is defined as a situation of great comfort, ease, and wealth. To us at L3, one man's home is another man's castle. Not all homes have to be excessively upgraded estates for us to consider them part of our luxury division.


Lifestyle is a particular way of living. We at L3 believe this is without a doubt the most important of our 3 L's when investing in a property. Location matters, having a Luxury home is amazing, but ultimately our Lifestyle defines us.

Our Mission

If there is one thing our brand aims to promote, is that the antiquated focus on location as the sole significance in real estate is just simply not enough in today's market. Our philosophy is that the client needs to find one of their 3 L's as a starting point and then strive to achieve the other two in order to achieve the ultimate acquisition.

By combining The Location, The Luxury, and The Lifestyle...they have manifested the vision of L3.

Stephen G.

Jake is a spectacular realtor. He was extremely helpful in the entire process and was always very quick to respond to any of our questions. He is honest to a fault and will not lead you astray when it comes to buying a house.


"We hired Jason because of his gentle tenacity, and likable personality. Jason impressed me by: 1) not pushing us,  2) keeping his promise to check back in 6 months 3) each time we asked him to follow up, he came through! My husband and I are loyal to anyone deserving and we know that Jason is.  4) His marketing was far better than others. He did not cut any corners and our house showed

Vanessa M.

Loved working with Jake. Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout the whole process. Looking forward to working with him again. Definitely recommend him. Thanks again Jake! 

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