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Happy to welcome Jake Farr to The L3 family! Jake is another great addition to our ever-growing team and has already hit the ground running. He had a prolific real estate career in the Midwest before relocating and decided to move to L3 from Coldwell Banker Newport Beach because he believes in what we are doing and saw the evolution we are experiencing within our walls. Excited to grow with you Jake! #TheL3 #WeAreL3


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When it comes to industries, you’d have to place Costa Mesa real estate into the “stolid” category. The rules are set and agreed-upon. Everything having to do with real estate is entirely “real”—the opposite of “imaginary.” Certainly not frivolous, fleeting, or mercurial.

Major changes don’t come about often or quickly. It is true that one facet of the way real estate business is conducted has undergone a noticeable change due to the web. But that is actually only a shift in how clients find and qualify properties they might be interested in. They still overwhelmingly rely on real estate professionals to take responsibility for the consequential details of buying and selling.

But wait!

A new technology suddenly presents the possibility

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The past weeks have provided some news that could lift the outlook of Costa Mesa landlords and those who’ve been thinking about rental real estate as an investment. The reports surfaced from statistics compiled by the Census Bureau and by—an internet company that tracks the current U.S. rental market. Both pieces of information shed light on the makeup of the renter population. It’s broadening in ways that can’t help but boost the prospects for the rental market as a whole.

The first encouraging information was last month’s finding that the percentage of high-income households opting to become renters increased 175% over the past decade. The number of households earning $150,000 or more who decided to become renters swelled by

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A couple of storylines have dominated national real estate news outlets for more than a year. Costa Mesa homeowners who are less industry-focused have been hearing the same thing from the national news media, too. Last week, they both staged a partial about-face.

The storylines are interconnected. The dominant one dealt with the national trend toward a weakening in the number of homes being sold. About a year ago, both new and existing home sales numbers began to falter. This wasn’t enough of a drop to cause genuine consternation—but it was persistent enough to generate headlines.

The reason that potential Costa Mesa home buyers and sellers weren’t overly concerned was partially due to the second storyline, which focused on the fact that

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“Good fences make good neighbors” was among poet Robert Frost’s most memorable lines. Quoted by rote by his rigid neighbor in Mending Wall, it illustrated an unchallenged notion, handed down for generations. Frost’s point was that, although a fence does show respect for another’s property, where unnecessary, it can also insulate them from each other.

Local homeowners might agree or disagree (or agree with both)—but when it comes to Costa Mesa real estate property boundaries, it’s a pretty good idea for homeowners to know where their own lie. And with precision.

That was the takeaway from last week’s U.S.News feature which sported the promising title, “How Do I Find My Property Lines?”  To make short the answer to that question, the most

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