As the sweet aroma of Easter flowers fills the air and soft pastels take over our surroundings, two things spring to mind - renewal and rejuvenation. This spirit of revitalization shines bright in the real estate market too, making it a perfectly refreshing time to hop into your dream home!

Spring Cleaning for Home Sellers

Spring cleaning and home-selling go hand-in-hand. For homeowners thinking about putting their property on the market, it’s time to dust off the cobwebs both literally and figuratively. Deep clean your home, declutter rooms, depersonalize the space and fix any lingering issues.

An extra tip? Stage your home to match the season! Nothing enchants potential buyers quite like a beautiful Easter wreath adorning your front door,…

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Ring the alarm, bargain hunters and treasure seekers! Mark your calendars for the one-of-a-kind Pacific Sands Community Garage Sale happening on the 23rd of March, from early-bird 7AM through to noon. Sponsored by Matt Kanoudi with The L3 Real Estate, the Pacific Sands neighborhood will transform into a veritable treasure island just waiting for you to explore.

Think this is your ordinary garage sale? Think again! With heaps of items too vast to list, you are guaranteed to find more than what you’re looking for. From vintage furniture pieces and household appliances to a library worth of books, funky clothing, electrical gadgets, gardening pots, stacks of wood, nifty tools, and so much more! This garage sale truly is the embodiment of "one…

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