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July 2023

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Costa Mesa homeowners have ample reason to expect to attract bids that reflect the recent run-up in U.S. real estate prices, but that alone shouldn’t lull them into complacency as they prepare their property for entry into the Costa Mesa listings. That’s a real estate truism—even in a well-defined seller’s market. For area homeowners who see tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands!) of dollars more in market value indicated by recent comparable sales, it’s tempting to then assume that little preparation will be needed to achieve similar results. Not true.

The value of thorough preparation to show off any property continues to make a substantial difference at the signing table. Since the word “thorough” may be too vague to be of much value, here

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For Costa Mesa parents who have yet to experience the wonders of Disneyland or Disney World, despite the expense and the line waits, there’s a good chance you will come to agree with the majority takeaway: the memories are worth it. Even so, the corporate powers-that-be at the Walt Disney Co. have never relied on word of mouth to keep the crowds coming—and now they have come up with an amusing promotion that includes a real estate twist.

As World Real Estate News wrote last week, this attention-getting gambit sounds like it came “from the leave-no-stone-unturned school of marketing.” Disney decided the moment had arrived to add their landmark Haunted Mansion to real estate site Zillow’s national listings. For veterans of the eternally popular ride,

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If you have ever tuned into “Today’s Homeowner,” you’ll be familiar with Danny Lipford, the friendly, drawling host of one of TV’s longest-running home improvement shows. Lipford is a contractor who demonstrates practical tips on how Costa Mesa do-it-yourselfers might remodel outdated or rundown areas in their homes with little more than ambition, energy, and a few bucks. He makes it look fun and easy, which is undoubtedly why the program has been syndicated for a quarter of a century.

The show has a website, too, which last week published a valuable safety tip: “20 Ways to Reduce the Effects of Indoor Air Pollution in Your Home.” It covered the topic from top to bottom: everything from what it is and what its health effects can be to what to

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If there’s one question about Costa Mesa residential real estate that is posed more often than others it’s the one that’s hardest to answer: “What do you think? Are prices heading up or down?” Usually, that question is an easy one to answer without really answering: “Short term, anyone’s guess. Long-term, history says, ‘almost certainly, up’!” It has a lot of history to back it up, so it sounds authoritative.

At this moment in Costa Mesa’s history, the long-term portion of that answer still holds, but increasingly, the ‘anyone’s guess’ part seems unsatisfactory. Despite an abundance of published data on how markets have performed from the West Coast to the East, the trend lines seem more scrambled than usual. Last week, Fortune magazine

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It’s always a good idea for local homeowners who are in the planning stages for some serious property updating to check into some of the new Costa Mesa home design trends that have recently surfaced. It’s not that they are likely to mindlessly follow the newest and greatest trends—few homeowners actually make expensive decisions based on those. It’s more likely that one of the newer creative ideas could spark a direction that hadn’t been considered before. After all, to qualify as one of the “most popular” trends it must have captured more imaginations than others.

Identifying design trends that are more than just promos for their creators is easier said than done, though—but home improvement site came up with what looks like a valid

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This is one of those years when Costa Mesa’s Fourth of July happens to fall on a day that might best be described as commercially troubled. Tuesday is just not ideal for employees who could use a long weekend—the kind that is easy to arrange when Costa Mesa’s Fourth of July hits on a Friday, or Monday, or over the weekend (when it’s practically a done deal to include Monday in the celebrating).

Although those who make the rules aren’t unanimous, this year’s example is typical: few employers are enthusiastic about a Friday-through-Tuesday 4-day holiday. We can celebrate over the weekend, and generally follow the regular Independence Day custom to make Tuesday a day off—but Monday is a workday for most.

The news was bad enough that over the

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